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In order to carry out practical exercises in the most realistic possible circumstances and to allow participants to compare different types of equipment (efficiency, recovery rate, selectivity, physical resistance…), we have a wide range of equipment, in particular:

  • various types of booms, to teach participants about their deployment and their retrieval times
  • several types of mechanical and oleophilic skimmers and associated pumps
  • waste storage tanks
  • sorbents
  • a variety of beach clean-up equipment: hoses, pressure washers, cement mixers…
  • specific equipment for response on outflow channels or vegetated banks…
  • as well as equipment needed to set up a complete worksite: protection of site and personnel, signs, decontamination area… In this way, the participants can organise their own activity, define the configuration of their worksite and organised themselves like in a real situation.

In addition to this equipment for exercises, used on real oil on Cedre’s premises, course participants also have the chance to visit the equipment hall and to see demonstration equipment, such as nets to recover tar balls or mini sand screeners.

Booms and pumps are also presented dismantled, to enable trainees to understand how they work and are maintained.

You can see images of these exercises in the Cedre presentation video.

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