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On 27 February 1994, the container ship the Weisshorn was waiting for a space in the port of Sevilla off the Guadalquivir estuary (Andalusia) when it met with severe weather conditions. The anchor gave way and the ship was thrown onto rocks, heavily damaging the hull.

An attempt to refloat the ship was made by a tug but the hull of the Weisshorn was already full of water. The ship sank with its cargo, 6,200 tonnes of rice from Bangkok (Thailand).

Over the following months, the rice fermented and gave off breakdown products liable to affect the environment.


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Name: Weisshorn

Date: 27 February 1994

Location: Spain

Accident area: Guadalquivir estuary, Andalousia

Cause of spill: grounding

Type of pollutant: rice

Quantity spilled: 6,200 tonnes

Ship type: container ship

Date built: 1976

Flag: Cypriot

Last update: April 2006

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