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SpillsCMA-CGM Verdi

On 18 February 2006, the Bahamian container ship CMA CGM Verdi was caught in a storm near Cape Finisterre (Spain), causing the loss of 85 containers and damage to 55 others. When the vessel arrived in Southampton (England), its cargo was unstable.

This accident is similar to two other incidents involving container ships, the CMA CGM Otello and the P&O Nedlloyd Mondriaan, which occurred around the same time.


  • Lostcont Project, 2008, Response to the problems of overboard loss of containers from ships in the Bay of Biscay and its approaches/li>
  • Bureau Veritas 2006, pertes de conteneurs en mer
  • Mer et Marine

Name: CMA CGM Verdi

Date: 18 February 2006

Location: Spain

Accident area: near Cape Finisterre

Cause of spill: weather conditions

Quantity spilled: 85 containers

Ship type: container ship

Date built: 2004

Shipyard: Samsung Heavy Industries, Ulsan, South Korea

Length: 277.3 m

Width: 40 m

Draught: 14.5 m

Flag: Bahamian

Owner: CMA CGM, Marseille, France

Charterer: CMA CGM, Marseille, France

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