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Republica di Genova

SpillsRepublica di Genova

On 8 March, the ro-ro vessel Republica di Genova had just finished loading vehicles and containers in the port of Antwerp (Belgium), bound for Luanda (Angola). As the ship prepared to leave the port, it capsized, with its superstructures towards the quay. None of the 40-odd crew members, who tried in vain to upright the vessel until the very last minute, were injured. The cargo placed on deck was projected onto the quay and into the water, while the cargo in the holds was turned upside-down.

An exclusion zone was set up around the ship and cargo recovery operations were undertaken. The Belgian legal authorities believe the accident was caused by a technical incident.

On 31 August, the salvage team managed to upright the Republica di Genova. On 18 November it was towed to a shipyard in Antwerp for repairs.


Name: Republica di Genova

Date: 8 March 2007

Location: Belgium

Accident area : Port of Antwerp

Cause of spill : unknown

Ship type: ro-ro vessel

Date built : 1988

Flag : Italian

Last update: February 2010

Emergency hotline: +332 98 33 10 10 - 24h/24