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On 31 October 1994, the Russian merchant ship the Pionersk was sailing in stormy weather when she ran aground near the Ness of Trebister in the Shetland islands. Her tanks were ruptured and 600 tonnes of fuel oil and diesel were spilled causing serious pollution in the area. A coastguard helicopter and Lerwick lifeboat arrived rapidly on site and rescued all the crew members. The wreck of the Pionersk broke in two. The stern lay on the seabed and the bow remained on the rocks.

The Pionersk sinking


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Name: Pionersk

Date: 31 October 1994

Location: Scotland

Accident area: Ness of Trebister, Shetlands

Cause of spill: grounding

Type of pollutant: fuel oil and diesel oil

Quantity spilled: 600 tonnes

Ship type: tanker

Date built: 1963

Shipyard: Stocznia Gdanska im. Lenina

Length: 165.51 m

Width: 21.34 m

Draught: 12.65 m

Flag: Russian

Owner: Reftransflot Joint Stock Co.


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