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 Pavlos V


On 11 January 1978, the Pavlos V was travelling from Wilhelmshaven (Germany) to Milazzo (Italy) when a fire broke out in the machine room.

The fire spread throughout the entire vessel and the crew had to abandon ship. Two men died in this accident.

The Italian tug Ciclope Secundo managed to extinguish the fire and began to tow the Pavlos V towards Italy. Unfortunately, the severely damaged tanker went on fire and finally sank on 6 February 1965 off the port of Trapani (Sicily).


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Name: Pavlos V

Date: 11 January 1978

Location: Italy

Accident area: off Sicily

Cause of spill: fire

Type of pollutant: fuel

Quantity spilled: 1,500 tonnes

Ship type: tanker

Date built: 1951

Flag: Greek

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