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CMA CGM Otello


On 17 February 2006, the container ship CMA CGM Otello reported the loss of 48 containers, not classed as dangerous, during a violent storm in the Bay of Biscay. Despite various overflights, no containers were located, most of them being likely to have sunk rapidly.

An investigation conducted by BEA mer revealed that the accident was partly due to deficient mooring equipment, in particular the automatic latches.

The container ship CMA CGM Otello (source: CMA CGM)


Name: CMA CGM Otello

Date: 17 February 2006

Location: Atlantic

Accident area: Bay of Biscay

Cause of spill: damage to ship

Quantity spilled: 48 containers

Ship type: container ship

Date built: 2005

Length: 334 m

Flag: French

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