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On 21 December 1994, the Hong Kong registered tanker New World was travelling from Gabon to France when it collided with the Cypriot bulk carrier Ya Mawlaya 200 miles off Cape St Vincent (Portugal).

The collision caused an explosion and a fire, in which 8 crew members were killed. The two vessels were damaged and 2,500 tonnes of heavy fuel oil were spilt at sea.

Bulk carrier Ya Mawlaya after collision with New World


Name: New World/Ya Mawlaya

Date: 21 December 1994

Location: Portugal

Accident area: 200 nautical miles off Cape St. Vincent

Cause of spill: collision

Type of pollutant: heavy fuel oil

Quantity spilled: 2,500 tonnes

Ship type: tanker

Flag: Hong Kong

Owner: Appellant World Tanker Carriers Corp., Liberia

Last update: 01/10/09

Emergency hotline: +332 98 33 10 10 - 24h/24