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 Neptune Aries

SpillsNeptunes Aries

On 3 October 1994, the Singapore-owned oil tanker Neptune Aries hit a wharf at Cat Laï refinery near Ho Chi Minh C ity. Around 1,500 tonnes of diesel were released into the River Nha Be.

Although they were not involved in the incident, Total Exploration & Production's environment department went to the accident area, accompanied by an expert from Cedre, to advise the Vietnam authorities on the measures to take in the event of a reoccurrence of such an incident. An overflight of the polluted area and on site reconnaissance surveys were conducted around ten days after the spill.

During December, Cedre took part in a second mission, organised by ITOPF. The aim of this mission was to assess the damages caused by the pollution to the local rice paddies and aquaculture. During the mission, carried out in collaboration with two scientists from the Institute of Offshore Engineering, reconnaissance surveys were conducted and samples were taken.

Name: Neptune Aries

Date: 3 October 1994

Location: Vietnam

Accident area: River Nha Be, near Ho Chi Minh City

Cause of spill: collision

Type of pollutant: diesel oil

Quantity spilled: 1,500 tonnes

Ship type: oil tanker

Flag: Singaporean

Last update: December 1994

Emergency hotline: +332 98 33 10 10 - 24h/24