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Mundogas Oslo

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The incident

On 22 October 1966, north of Grundkallen (Sweden), the gas carrier Mundogas Oslo collided with the Finish vessel Sara. Following the collision, the Mundogas Oslo listed heavily and, 4 hours after the collision, was partially submerged, with its stern resting on the seafloor. That day, visibility was reduced to 300 metres due to heavy fog. The gas carrier, with 30 crew members onboard, was transporting 2,000 tonnes of liquid ammonia.

Adverse weather conditions (formation of ice, fog) made salvage attempts difficult.

After three and a half months, the bow sank in waters 64 metres deep in the Gulf of Bothnia.

Le gazier Mundogas Oslo
The gas carrier Mundogas Oslo


The wreck is still sitting on the ocean floor. Studies have shown the presence of chronic leaks of ammonia from the tanks. According to certain estimations, 940 tonnes remain onboard. Since the accident, more than half of the cargo is believed to have been released into the sea.

To this day, this remains the only gas carrier to have sunk following a collision.

Name: Mundogas Oslo

Date: 22/10/1966

Location: Gulf of Bothnia, Finland/Sweden

Accident area: north of Grundkallen

Cause of spill: collision

Product transported: ammonia

Quantity transported: 2,000 tonnes

Type of pollutant: ammonia

Quantity spilled: unknown

Ship type: gas tanker

Date built: 1963

Shipyard: Drammen Slip & Verk, Norway

Length: 91.2 m

Width: 14.66 m

Owner: Gasskib


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