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SpillsMS Linda

On 6 February 2010, while the Finnish cargo ship Linda was travelling from Rotterdam (Netherlands) to St Petersburg (Russia), three containers were lost at sea south of the island of Gotland (Sweden). According to the owner, Oy Langh Ship Ab, the accident happened when the bottom container in a stack collapsed under the weight of the others.

The ship’s dangerous goods manifest indicated that one of the containers was transporting 5 tonnes of flammable substances and that the two others contained around 15 tonnes of marine pollutants. The Swedish Coast Guards conducted a sea and air search to locate the containers but to no avail.

The authorities warned all vessels passing through the accident area to be vigilant. The lost containers could present a danger to shipping if they were to remain semi-submerged.


Name: Linda

Date: 06/02/2010

Location: Sweden

Accident area : south of Gotland

Cause of spill : damage to containers

Type of pollutants : flammable substances, marine pollutants

Quantities spilled : 5 tonnes of flammable substances + 15 tonnes of marine pollutants

Ship type : cargo vessel

Date built : 2007

Shipyard : J.J.Sietas, Hamburg (Germany)

Length : 141.20 m

Width : 21.55 m

Draught : 8.60 m

Flag : Finnish

Owner : Oy Langh Ship Ab

Charterer : Containerships Ltd

Last update: 8 June 2010

Emergency hotline: +332 98 33 10 10 - 24h/24