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On 9 February 1996, the Panamanian tanker Kira was on its way from Jorf Lasfar (Morocco) to Yarimca (Turkey) when it met with very bad weather conditions off Sapientza Island (Greece). It sank with its cargo of 7,600 tonnes of phosphoric acid, 300 tonnes of heavy fuel oil and 30 tonnes of diesel oil. Despite rescue operations being carried out, the 18 crew members remained missing.


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Name: Kira

Date: 9 February 1996

Location: Greece

Accident area: off Sapientza Island

Cause of spill: weather conditions

Product transported: phosphoric acid

Quantity transported: 7,600 tonnes

Type of pollutants: phosphoric acid + heavy fuel + diesel oil

Quantities spilled: 7,600 tonnes of phosphoric acid + 300 tonnes of heavy fuel oil + 30 tonnes of diesel oil

Ship type: tanker

Date built: 1974

Flag: Panamian

Last update: February 2010

Emergency hotline: +332 98 33 10 10 - 24h/24