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On 9 December 1993, the chemical tanker Grape One was sailing off the coast of Devon from the Tees to Haifa. She was loaded with 3,000 tonnes of xylene, a weak but highly flammable pollutant, which is often composed of three isomers.

The meteorological conditions were particularly bad that day. A ballast tank ruptured creating a 40 degree list. The crew (13 Filipinos and 2 Italians) were rescued and air-lifted by helicopter. They were send to hospital in Plymouth.

The Grape One sank with her cargo. No further response was implemented and how much of the cargo was spilled remains unknown.


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Name: Grape One

Date: 9 December 1993

Location: Channel

Accident area: off coast of Devon

Cause of spill: rupture of ballast tank

Type of pollutant: xylene

Quantity transported : 3,000 tonnes

Quantity spilled: 3,000 tonnes

Ship type: chemical tanker

Date built: 1972

Shipyard: Ankerlokken Verft Glommen AS, Fredrikstad

Length: 100.72 m

Width: 14.64 m

Draught: 6.56 m

Flag: Maltese

Owner: Rhapsody Shipping Ltd

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