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 Golden Drake

SpillsGolden Drake

On 28 January 1972, the Golden Drake was travelling from Venezuela to the Dutch port of Antwerp when it suffered a violent explosion and went on fire 1,200 miles East of Bermuda.

Two men were killed in the accident, while the rest of the crew were rescued by a Venezuelan vessel. The Golden Drake continued to burn and an attempt to tow the vessel two days later failed.

The tanker drifted for about a month before sinking with its cargo on 1st March 1972, 100 miles south of Azores.


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Name: Golden Drake

Date: 28 January 1972

Location: Portugal

Accident area: 100 miles south of Azores

Cause of spill: explosion

Type of pollutant: crude oil

Quantity spilled:31,000 tonnes

Ship type: tanker

Date built: 1950

Flag: Liberian

Last update: April 2009

Emergency hotline: +332 98 33 10 10 - 24h/24