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On 24 July 2008, the Panamanian gas tanker was in dock at Perama Shipyard (Greece) for repairs when it suffered an explosion and went on fire. The fire brigade worked for over 4 hours to extinguish the fire and prevent the flames from reaching the neighbouring vessel. 8 crew members were killed, 4 went missing and 4 were injured. In 2007, two people were killed in this same shipyard.

The explosion took place in one of the gas carrier’s bunker tanks during flame welding. Two maintenance workers were arrested following this incident.


Name: Friendshipgas

Date: 24 July 2008

Location: Greece

Accident area: Perama shipyard

Cause of spill: explosion and fire

Ship type: gas carrier

Date built: 1981

Flag: Panamanian

Last update: May 2011

Emergency hotline: +332 98 33 10 10 - 24h/24