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On 28 August 1999, the contain ship Ever Decent collided with the ocean liner Norwegian Dream off Dover (England). Listing badly after the collision, the Ever Decent, which was carryingcyanide, organic lead and pesticides, lost some containers overboard and others on deck caught fire with the risk of both explosion and toxic pollution.

It appeared that the missing containers were eventually confirmed to contain non-hazardous substances. However the containers on fire on the deck were giving off toxic fumes. A fire-fighting crew was sent out to extinguish the fire and all operations were carried out in very careful conditions. The presence of toxic gases was monitored to ensure the safety of the fire-fighting crew.

After surveys, the vessel was found fit to sail to Zeebrugge (Belgium) for repairs.

Fire-fighting operations on the Ever Decent
after its collision with the Norwegian Dream
(source: Maritime and Coastguard Agency)


Name: Ever Decent/Norwegian Dream

Date: 28 August 1999

Location: Great Britain

Accident area : off Dover, England

Cause of spill : collision

Type of pollutants : cyanide, organic lead and pesticides

Ship type : container ship

Date built : 1997

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