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Eurobulker IV

SpillsEurobulker IV

On 8 September 2000, the bulk carrier Eurobulker IV with a Saint Vincent and the Grenadines flag ploughed into rocks while attempting to enter the port of Porto Vesme (Italy). The vessel was carrying 17,000 tonnes of coal, 35 tonnes of diesel oil and 170 tonnes of bunker fuel.

All 16 crew members were evacuated and it appeared that the captain had no nautical charts of the area, which is however known to be a hazardous shipping area.

The hull was considerably damaged by the rocks and 60 tonnes of bunker fuel leaked out. In spite of difficult conditions at sea, booms were deployed to protect the coastal zone. Several response vessels were also sent on-site.

Salvage operations were initiated on 28 September but on 3 October, the bulk carrier broke in two and sank with 14,000 tonnes of coal still in the holds. Recovery operations on the seafloor were carried out from 23 October 2000 to 15 August 2002 and in total 4,829 tonnes of matter were recovered.


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Name: Eurobulker IV

Date: 08/09/2000

Location: Italy

Accident area : Porto Vesme

Cause of spill : grounding

Quantities transported : 17,000 tonnes of coal + 35 tonnes of diesel oil + 170 tonnes of bunker fuel

Type of pollutants : coal and bunker fuel oil

Quantities spilled : 14,000 tonnes of coal + 60 tonnes of bunker fuel

Ship type : bulk carrier

Date built : 1979

Flag : Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Owner : Ilias Shipping

Classification society : Camodian Classification Society

Last update: 14/10/09

Emergency hotline: +332 98 33 10 10 - 24h/24