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Esso Bernicia

SpillsEsso Bernicia

On 30 December 1978, the British tanker the Esso Bernicia collided with the mooring jetty in Sullom Voe. She lost 1,100 tonnes of Bunker C in the incident. The very strong currents in the area dispersed the oil, moving it towards the neighbouring islands.

An considerable number of floating booms were used to protect the areas and to contain the oil. The use of skimmers was not possible because of the viscosity of the oil and of the low water depth.

Access to the polluted areas on the coastline was very difficult. As a result, manual cleaning was the only solution.

Name: Esso Bernicia

Date: 30 December 1978

Location: Scotland

Accident area : Sullom Voe, Shetlands

Cause of spill : collision

Type of pollutant : heavy fuel oil (IFO 380)

Quantity spilled : 1,100 tonnes

Ship type : oil tanker

Date built : 1968

Flag : British

Last update: June 2011

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