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Dogruyollar IV

SpillsDogruyollar IV

On 2 February 1998, the Turkish cargo ship Dogruyollar IV was sailing from Canakkale (Turkey) to Porto Vesme (Italy) when the hull cracked. The 11 crew members were rescued but the ship sank with a cargo of 2,020 tonnes of zinc and lead.


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Name: Dogruyollar IV

Date: 2 February 1998

Location: Italy

Accident area: 48 km southeast of Cape Carbonara, Sardinia

Cause of spill: damage to ship

Quantity transported: 2,020 tonnes

Type of pollutant: zinc and lead concentrate

Quantity spilled: 2,020 tonnes

Ship type: cargo vessel

Date built: 1979

Flag: Turkish

Operator: Demir Finansal Kiralama A.S.

Last update: September 2009

Emergency hotline: +332 98 33 10 10 - 24h/24