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FPSO Dalia


On 16 February 2008 at 11 pm, a crude oil spill occurred at a loading buoy 70 nautical miles off the African coastline during a transfer operation to a tanker.

A crisis unit was immediately set up and British, South African and French technical experts were sent on site. Within the first few hours following the spill, chemical dispersants were applied to the slick. Recovery operations then began at sea to recover the remaining undispersed oil.

It is worth noting that dispersion operations could not last for more than a week due to the presence of surface active agents in the product spilt. These agents are added to the crude oil during its treatment when it exits the well.

Entrance to Lake MASSABI, on 10/03/08. © Cedre/EDN

Name: FPSO Dalia

Date: 16 February 2008

Location: Angola

Accident area: 70 nautical miles off the Angolan coast

Cause of spill: loading/unloading

Type of pollutant: crude oil

In the area in question, drift simulations were particularly complex to carry out, due to the very particular ocean characteristics, with a stratified structure as well as great variability in the water column and the surface.

Aerial observations were used to monitor the drift and evolution of the slicks. These observations were compared to the results of modelling.

During response operations at sea, several experts took turns on land to define protection strategies for certain sensitive areas of the shoreline, focusing their attention on areas of human activity. No arrivals of oil on the shoreline were reported.

Last update: 09/04/2008

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