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On 11 March 2002, due to a storm the Turkish cargo vessel Camadan began to take water off the island of Malta. The following day, towing attempts were carried out without success. The crew was rescued by helicopter and the vessel sank with its cargo of phosphate fertilizer.


Name: Camadan

Date: 12 March 2002

Location: Malta

Accident area: 14 nautical miles south west of Malta

Cause of spill: damage to ship

Type of pollutant: phosphate fertilizer

Ship type: cargo vessel

Date built: 1982

Length: 93.7 m

Flag: Turkish

Owner: Coskun Deniz, Turkey

Charterer: Fupet Petrol Urunleri Pazarlama Ticaret ve Sanayi AS, Turkey

Last update: September 2009

Emergency hotline: +332 98 33 10 10 - 24h/24