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On 22 January 1988, due to a storm north of Ushant Island (Finistère, Brittany), the Panamanian cargo vessel Brea lost at sea 700 drums placed on the deck. About 50 of them contained organophosphate pesticides which are considered as dangerous products. In spite of searches, none of the drums could be located.

After this storm, drums were found on the shoreline but none of them could be formally identified as being part of the Brea’scargo.


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Name: Brea

Date: 22/01/1988

Location: France

Accident area: 15 nautical miles north of Ushant Island, Finistère, Brittany

Cause of spill: weather conditions

Type of pollutant: organophosphate pesticides

Quantity spilled: 700 drums

Ship type: cargo vessel

Flag: Panamanian

Last update: October 2009

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