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 Borodinskoye Polye

SpillsBorodinskoye Polye

The Russian fishing vessel the Borodinstoye Polye ran aground in strong seas about 2 km from Lerwick harbour in the North Sea on 17 November 1993. All her 73 crew members were safely evacuated. 36 were airlifted by a coastguard rescue helicopter and the others were taken on a lifeboat. The vessel’s tanks were damaged and 370 tonnes of fuel spilled. The remaining fuel was transferred to another vessel. This operation ended on 28 November.

The Borodinstoye Polye sinking off Shetland
(source: Shetland Islands Council)


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Name: Borodinskoye Polye

Date: 17 November 1993

Location: Scotland

Accident area: Lerwick, Shetlands

Cause of spill: grounding

Quantity transported: 216,000 tonnes

Type of pollutant: bunker fuel

Quantity spilled: 370 tonnes

Ship type: fishing vessel

Date built: 1982

Shipyard: VEB Volkswerft Stralsund

Length: 101.45 m

Breadth: 15.22 m

Draught: 9.71 m

Flag: Russian

Owner: Zaprybpromrazvedka


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