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 Bona Fulmar

SpillsBona Fulmar

On 18 January 1997, the Bahamian tanker the Bona Fulmar was sailing in thick fog in the North Sea, loaded with 60,000 tonnes of petrol, when she collided with the Mexican chemical tanker the Teoalt off Dunkirk. 7,000 tonnes of unleaded petrol spilled from a ruptured tank of the Bona Fulmar. Fortunately the Teoalt was not seriously damaged and was able to proceed to Rotterdam. Vessels sailing in the area were warned of the potential risk of fire and explosion. Most of the petrol evaporated and dispersed quickly. However, two of the divers inspecting and carrying out emergency repairs were affected by the vapours. The Bona Fulmar was eventually towed to Brest.

Name: Bona Fulmar

Date: 18 January 1997

Location: Channel

Accident area: off Dunkirk

Cause of spill: collision

Quantity transported: 60,000 tonnes

Type of pollutant: petrol ( U.S. gasoline)

Quantity spilled: 7,000 tonnes

Ship type: oil tanker

Length: 240 m

Flag: Bahamian


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