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Andros Patria

SpillsAndros Patria

A fire broke out on the Andros Patria after an explosion in one of her tanks, due to a leak in the hull. 34 crew members were killed in the incident and 60,000 of the 210,000 tonnes of Iranian heavy crude oil that the ship was transporting poured into the sea.

To fight against pollution, the Spanish Navy spread dispersants on two major oil slicks, partly broken up by natural wave action. A small amount of pollution was observed on the coast, measuring approximately 100 m.

- Banque de données sur les accidents de navire ayant provoqué un déversement de pétrole en mer supérieur à 500 tonnes - Volume III - 1975-1979, Janvier 1979, Institut Français du Pétrole

Name: Andros Patria

Date: 31 December 1978

Location: Spain

Accident area: off the coast of La Coruna, Galicia

Cause of spill: explosion

Quantity transported: 210,000 tonnes

Type of pollutant: Iranian heavy crude oil

Quantity spilled: 60,000 tonnes

Ship type: oil tanker

Date built: 1970

Length: 323.71 m

Width: 48.21 m

Flag: Greek

Last update: April 2006

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