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 Afran Zodiac

SpillsAfran Zodiac

On 11 January 1975, the Liberian tanker the Afran Zodiac collided with a tug in Bantry Bay next to the oil terminal. 4 km of shoreline were polluted by the thick slick (1 cm and thicker).

Response teams sprayed dispersants on the oil slicks. The response operations were coordinated by helicopter.


  • IFP, Banques de données sur les accidents de navire ayant provoqué un déversement de pétrole en mer supérieur à 500 tonnes, 1975-1979, Ref. 26 714, January 1979.

Name: Afran Zodiac

Date: 11 January 1975

Location: Ireland

Accident area: Bantry Bay

Cause of spill: collision

Type of pollutant: heavy fuel oil (Bunker C)

Quantity spilled: 500 tonnes

Ship type: oil tanker

Date built: 1973

Flag: Liberian

Last update: April 2006

Emergency hotline: +332 98 33 10 10 - 24h/24